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Are you getting your best work done at home?

It’s a very weird time we’re all living through.

And it’s not the best time to make long-term decisions, right?

But you can’t do nothing?

You need to get work done and that means you need a place to work.

A place without the dogs barking, or the kids making a racket…

You need a place with powerful Wifi that won’t cut out during important Zoom calls, a place where your staff feel like they actually belong.

It sounds like a big ask, but it’s not…

How we work has fundamentally changed in our post-COVID world.  We're connected in ways we could only have dreamed of two years ago. We're exploring virtual businesses, remote teams, flexible work, hybrid offices, just in time skills – the future of work really isn't that far away.
Jeremy Ellis
Coworking Week Organiser
coworking space

A week which will change the way you think about work

Coworking Week is brought to you by some of Melbourne’s Leading Coworking Spaces, coming together to allow your team to work in a real Coworking Centre free for a day, and experience the collaborative spaces, programs and communities that underpin the unique value on offer

Connecting into Coworking Week is easy by selecting up to one space each day from the website and registering your team to participate in The Experience. Its all about finding that right location and community to take your business to the next level, or simply put an end to working from home.

Imagine a workplace where:

  • Your staff love coming to work.
  • You and your team are encouraged and challenged to be your best every day.
  • All facilities (kitchen, meeting rooms, reception, internet…) are managed for you.
  • Your business has access to resources that only corporates previously enjoyed.
  • Your entire team has the opportunity to participate in social and learning events.
  • The workplace can be as flexible as you need and pay only for what you use.
  • All this is available at a cost which is less than having your own office.

Please help us to know a little about your needs first...

Sign Your Team up Now for Coworking Week

All you need to do is explore the Coworking Spaces above by clicking on them to check out their details and program for the day. Select one (maximum) per day for the week, add the Experience and when done, finalise your details which will lock your team in (subject to availability) to spend the day at each space you selected.

Be quick, as space is seriously limited